Friday, May 12, 2006

The Cure for New Car Smell is....

It's Over

Mini-D is crashed on the couch. Our RoadTrip has fullfilled its intended purpose. There will be no more entries. Our work here is done.

As you were,

Super Dion Gets Lost

The title explains it all. Apperantly, he didn't realize that taking the wrong freeway exit ramp gets you on the wrong street which then puts you on a hour long time waster that makes you want to take a straw to the brain.


Ode to Traffic

Traffic Blows.
I wish the smog around me would suffocate me
Traffic Blows.

That is all

I Have Awoken

Start Mile Marker- Can't find one

I, mini-Dion have awoken in the desert to once again find our speed down from my 112 (thats when the govern kicks in) to a speed where we are getting passed by everybody even the semi-trucks who have to go 45 mph. And all I can say is, sweet. Our journey is almost at an end in about 70 miles. We will finnally be able to rid ourselves of this car that has been sent from the depths of hades.

End Mile Marker- Stupid California dosn't even have mile markers


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Carry On My Wayward Son

Yes, the blog has been seized. A true blitzkrieg by the Guest Blogger and his progeny.

I am sure there are more stories to be edited for grammar and spelling.

There'll be peace when you are done and thank god you aren't actually going to Kans-ass


Abandoned by the White Wizard

Start Mile Marker - 19 - I-70 West

It's pitch dark now. The moon, which had guided our journey through the Rocky Mountains has abandoned us like the White Wizard left Frodo with Smeagal.

Mini-D is in command of the Chariot. Fellow RoadSlaves toil through the darkness as the City of Angels draws all closer.

CityGirl yearns for "Her Precious". With 742 miles remaing on the journey, the Shire has long been forgotten.

End Mile Marker - 8 - I-70 West
Remaing Miles: 742


The Deep Dark Night

Start- Mile Marker 153 I-70 West

Dion and mini-Dion here to say that night driving down the side of a mountain is not a fun task to complete. But we will continue to soldier on with spirits reaching an all time low only 2 hours into the trip.

End - Mile Marker 146 I-70 West
Remaining miles - 893


Good Times at Silverthorne

Start Mile Marker- 203 I-70 West

Dion and mini-Dion are reporting that spirits have dropped to extreme lows and they might not be able to continue to the city of Angels. The last stop revealed that you can have Good Times in Silverthorne. No, not actual good times but rather the sub-par fast food craphole. Also, we have discoverd a place for the gum we purchased, which was the most exciting thing that happened.
The thunderous bass drops of Rammstein still thunder on.

End Mile Marker - 200 I-70 West
Total Distance left-949


The Last Crusade Begins

Start- Mile Marker 255 I-70 West

Dion and mini-Dion report that spirits are high, but it is to early to tell if they can remain so. We're hoping not to get dynsterney on the 1062 mile road to the city of Angels (LA refrence). The oxen pulled wagon is going under the speed limit of 75 to instill comfort in CityGirl. A dark forboding cloud looms over the majestic Rocky Mountains. You can almost hear John Denver sing "Thank God I'm a country boy". But instead Rammstein drives them on through with thunderous bass drops.

End- Mile marker 246 I-70 West
Distance remaining- 997 May the Gods be with us.


Where's the Guest Blogger When You Need Him?

I can't sleep. That's why I'm posting. I also have nothing to say. Which will either make this really funny as I ramble on with random thoughts or really dull as I ramble on with random thoughts.

This blog will see its one year anniversary at the end of this month and I'd like to thank or rather blame the guest blogger, whose identity I'll protect (after all what kind of spy would I be?) , for fueling the pressure to post insightful and pithy musings as often as possible.

How did it all start? In a Red Robin over a bad meal. I encourage a re-read of the first entry. You'll laugh and laugh because it's true.

I think the greatest accomplishment of the instigator of the blogging madness, is that the bloggers have multiplied henceforth. Sphere of influence my friends.

It's now one hour later; I have now tired of this and will attempt, futilely I'm sure, to seek restful slumber.
So, until next the archives. (I enjoy the stories about air travel the best)