Thursday, June 15, 2006

Post Bump - Blog Anniversary Redux

I'm bumping this post because, well, I can. And I like it and I think it's pithy. Oh, and the sheep are cute.

I can't sleep. That's why I'm posting. I also have nothing to say. Which will either make this really funny as I ramble on with random thoughts or really dull as I ramble on with random thoughts.

This blog will see its one year anniversary at the end of this month and I'd like to thank or rather blame the guest blogger, whose identity I'll protect (after all what kind of spy would I be?) , for fueling the pressure to post insightful and pithy musings as often as possible.

How did it all start? In a Red Robin over a bad meal. I encourage a re-read of the first entry. You'll laugh and laugh because it's true.

I think the greatest accomplishment of the instigator of the blogging madness, is that the bloggers have multiplied henceforth. Sphere of influence my friends.

It's now one hour later; I have now tired of this and will attempt, futilely I'm sure, to seek restful slumber.
So, until next the archives. (I enjoy the stories about air travel the best)


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Flaxey's Flag Day

It's here! June 14th. The BEST holiday of all time, well except for Cow Appreciation day. So, it's the 2nd best holiday of all time.

Wave it loud and wave it proud people, today is Flag Day.

I know everyone says Christmas or Halloween but really Flag Day is better. You know it is. Who cares if you're patriotic or not? You don't have to send cards or get gifts and there aren't large department store displays urging you to depart with your disposable income. So, embrace it. Live it. Love it.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Tales From the Trail or Toxin Man and Fuchsia Lips

I'm hiking like a fiend in preparation for a big hike later this summer. There are a lot of cool trails in the LA area and you'd never even know it. Check out for hikes near you.
Here is a brief log of sites and sounds from my time on the trail.

Hike #1: Lizards. Lots of little harmless lizards.

Hike #2:
Man on Bike stops to point out that I am in need of sunscreen because my arms are red. No dude, it's called circulation. Maybe your heart isn't working but mine is. Jeez!

Snake. Rattlesnake. Coiled - strike position snake.

Need I say more?

Hike #3: Snake. Garden Variety but quite large. Slithering away.

Hike #4:
Polite 'Hello' with woman sporting fuchsia lipstick. I guess it's one way to make sure they find you if you get lost.

Bunnies. Multitudes of rabbits.
One lizard. No snakes.

Second polite hello with man who doesn't like the overcast cool weather. I disagree. He rambles on to say that one must sweat as it releases toxins. I acknowledge this ridiculous notion true or not and he continues to pontificate the release of toxins through sweat but I can no longer hear him as I have bounded on up the trail. Maybe he should bust a move on the trail and he'd be sweating because I am.

The bunny sightings continue.

Fuchsia Lips has not made it up the mountain and I meet her again on the way down. Poor Fuchsia lips.