Monday, July 10, 2006

"The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go"

Citygirl and Mower recently went to Yosemite National Park to make their way to the top of a large slab of granite. Here's what happened.

Day One
Arrived in Yosemite Valley and checked into Curry Village
Ate pizza at very crowded pizza patio
drank beers too
troubles sleeping in tent cabins
dreams about bears

Day Two
Saw Black Bear at 5AM in Curry Camp - strolling past our cabin
attempted to get wilderness permit - denied
ate breakfast after searching unsuccessfully for forgotten items (citygirl's contact lens case)
Hiked to Mirror Lake (5 miles) Mower almost feels the sting of the western rattlesnake when he steps in the wrong direction
swam in Curry pool - fought off annoying children
showered in evil showers
ate picnic dinner
took naps

Day Three
Attempted wilderness permit again - success!
Went to watercolor art class - endured long diatribe on the color wheel and the 'values' depicted in a black and white photocopy - bailed on art class
went to Ansel Adams gallery, bought souveniers
Bear Walk with Ranger Shelton Johnson

shopped for remaining items for big hike
carbo-loaded at Yosemite Lodge food court - pasta dinners all around!
Back to Curry to load those packs!

Day Four
Wildreness Permit in hand, depart for John Muir Trail to Half Dome at 5AM
Hike our asses off - reach Little Yosemite Valley at 10AM
Set up camp - pitch tent, stow items in bear locker
Leave for the Dome at 11ish - only 4 more miles to go!
Reach the base of the steep shoulder at 130ish
Help unprepared dehydrated Houston boy scouts down the steep granite switchbacks of doom, but do not summit
Return to camp - cook dinner (in a bag), filter water from the Merced River for the return trip
Retire to tent with celebratory marshmallows, chocolate and sake in a flask!
Sleep and hope the resident bear doesn't come to sniff our feet and lick our faces!

To Be Continued