Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fire Trucks Came to My Apartment

7/18 - 3:20AM

I was roused from slumber by sirens as they stopped in the street in front of my building.

I saw flames as I peered out the bedroom window, prompting me to find proper attire and investigate.

The pool house was on fire. Flames to the tree line.

Based on these pictures of the aftermath, fire personnel arrived in time.

Lacking a Good Title

Prodigal Daughter

I spent all the money, I spent all the money
Got nothing to show, got nothing to show for it
So tell me the story, tell me the story again
The one where I find my way home in the end
There's love and forgiveness, there's wine and there's water

I am the prodigal daughter

I am searching the heavens, I'm living in hell
I've squandered the blessing, I am the never do well
I walked on a wire, I tried every trick that I dared
Broke every promise to whoever cared
Burned all my bridges, like a lamb to the slaughter

I am the prodigal daughter

I have yet to see grace
Or true mercy face to face
Through a glass, not a trace
So I am out of the race

And I'll never go back, they'll not see my face again
I'm not like my brothers, and god knows I'm not like them
So you can tell me the story, it makes no difference to me
So the blind man can walk and the lame man can see
The party's still over, the wine's turned to water

I am the prodigal daughter

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Friday, July 13, 2007

I Can't Live Without...

...well, I could probably, but I really don't want to.

In order of importance:

#3 - I guess I would need to have strawberries with this too.

#2 - This is my favorite thing for dinner. Water is the first ingredient so it aids in hydration.

#1 - There is no other and anyone who tries to pass off Del Monte or Hunt's, or the red vinegar water in the McDonald's packets, or any organic crap, as being equal to this, THE food from the gods, well, the punishment should be severe. Accept no other!

As You Were.

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P.P.S. Cell phone cameras will be the death of us. But aren't they fun?