Monday, August 27, 2007

...I Am Precious, Could I Be Your Girl...

The really cool thing about artists not having buckets of commercial success is when they appear at a local bookstore and you get to have one on one time with them.

I've loved Jann Arden's music for the last 15 years and although I did get to see her show and meet her briefly in Boulder, CO in 1993 (for free no less!), last Friday was even more special as I was able to chat with Jann after her short set and talk about songwriting. She gave me a few insights and offered her assistance should I be so inclined.

She also chatted and shook hands with everone arriving for the 'show' beforehand. She's a gem and it's really nice to meet people you admire and have them be so very cool.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Standing on Shakey Ground

If it's not firetrucks or a spinning, troubled mind, keeping me from restful slumber it's an earthquake. That's right, a lovely 4.5 that shook for a good little while a few nights ago. (The big yellow square in the picture)

I am happy to report it caused no damage and all is well. In fact, it was really cool!