Thursday, January 31, 2008

Flaxey's Scalpel Countdown: Day 25

All there is to do when you can't really move without it being painful is numb your mind with television and the internet.

I am, of course, completely fed up with this but what else can be done? Nothing, nothing at all.

It's 'teen best friend week' on Wheel of Fortune. I only watched it once because well, teens are annoying on game shows. I thought it careless at best that the prize wranglers thought it was wise to give away a trip to Amsterdam. To teenagers? Really? Amsterdam? Yeah, it must have been someone's day off when that was approved.

The View is truly irritating. I've watched it everyday religiously, except when I slept through it. Whoopi and Joy always look at each other like they are in a special club that the others will never be able to join because they are just too silly. I hardly blame them; after all Sherri Shepard is worthless and not that bright. (Today she thought John McCain's last name was McCann and upon being corrected said 'that's right McCann's is shoes.' Way to go Sherri.) And Elizabeth Hasselbeck is annoyance in a jar. Honestly, this show has given us the best it could years ago and they should just shut it down.

Paula Deen repeats are slowly chipping away at my sanity.

American Idol is back. This hasn't helped things much either, except to kill time before I take a pain pill. It's better to watch it with others.

Election coverage continues to be exciting. I can't believe that Edwards dropped out before super Tuesday. Hils and Barak battled it out last night. I bet we see them stop agreeing with each other this time. At least I hope so, but they are in Hollywood, so they might feel the need to act phony in order to fit in. I taped it so I don't know what happened yet.

Oprah hasn't taken up much of my time. I forget it's on. It's better to watch it when you can skip the commercials anyway. She barely lets her guests speak and that's difficult to tolerate even if the show is called 'Oprah'.

I also am not that interested in Ellen's show. It really just kills the hour before I can watch Seinfeld.

Do we need anymore movies about how inner-city, underprivileged youths dance their way to freedom and a better life? Is that really how it happens? With hip-hop dancing? I really don't recall 'Step Up' being the massive hit the trailer for 'Step Up 2: The Streets' is claiming it was. And 'How She Move'? Huh? Haven't these movies been made already?

Yep, this is how I've been passing the time. I suppose I could read but the level ten-plus-plus-plus bouts of blinding pain sort of ruin the concentration required for absorbing intellectual material.

Only twelve more days to go....