Friday, March 28, 2008

Progression Not Regression

I'm happy to report that the numbness in my foot is dissolving steadily.
I believe that this is due to the electric stim being administered in physical therapy and I am so very glad. It apparently works like acupuncture and reduces inflammation.

I am also glad for the time to be able to heal properly as I feel more delicate than before. I can think of nothing worse than having that pain return. Although I still have a good arsenal of pain relievers waiting in the wings.

This also means that I am going to have to get a maid. I simply cannot clean the way I used to. And forget running the vacuum. That CAUSED a back problem once a few years ago.

In other news, I met Johnny V from the Scott Baio show on VH1. He's a nice guy despite his antics on the show.

In music news, I'm recommending Feist, Sara Bareilles, and A Fine Frenzy. I'm getting back out there myself now that I can walk upright again.

There's not much else to muse about. I am returning to my life and that's a good thing. As several people have said to me recently "you look happy" and I guess I am, I really can say that I am.