Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Rants - Volume Four

It's time again. Although I missed it last year. Here they are, just under the wire.

1. The bad economy has almost eliminated the vehicle adornments from cars. I guess even stupid people are more interested in their shrinking bank balances enough to stop frivolous spending on decorations for their cars. Bad Economy - One, Stupidity - Zero. (although I'm sure that will change)

2. Holiday songs are not that great. Musicians aren't that fond of them. So don't act so surprised when we don't want to hear Celine Dion scream O Holy Night or Jingle Bells for the 30th time. Let's get some Lady Gaga on that playlist and call it a day, alright?

3. It is not okay for neighborhood light viewing to cause a traffic problem. I want to get home and your gawking is preventing me from entering my driveway. Move out of the way. I live here, you don't and go put lights up on your own house already.

4. Enough with the countdown lists. This really applies to the whole year, especially on E!, (I suspect it's because they have nothing better do) but these are especially prevalent at the end of every year and now we must bear the decade countdowns this year as well. People love lists I suppose. It gives them something to talk about at cocktail parties.

And so another rant closes. Good luck navigating 2010. I'm sure there's a list for that.