Monday, April 10, 2006

Flaxey Flies Again

Ah, the stories you can glean from air travel. From start to finish there is opportunity for adventure at every turn. This weekend jaunt was no different.

The story is short but the lesson is long.

Airport bathroom is the mise en scene. We see our heroine exit the stall and walk toward the sinks. (She is dressed sensibly and is listening to music the entire time.) As she passes the handicapped stall she is almost knocked to the floor by a tall twentysomething by the swinging of the stall door. Midge gives her a look that says 'I command this restroom and all who enter it!' and rapidly exits.
Our heroine is annoyed by the continued lack of courtesy in our culture but moves on to the sinks still grooving to the tunes.

Then she is tapped on the shoulder by the janitor who is holding a driver's license and a boarding pass. She shakes her head; no it's not mine and finishes the wash.

Midge comes racing back in to the restroom, frantically searching for her VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. Our heroine assists her and points to the pleasant janitor lady who is holding the VID's belonging to Midge.
Midge grabs them and exits frantically without so much as a thank you to anyone.

Please note that without these items air travel becomes extremely difficult and something tells us that Midge's people skills need a charm school refresher.

Upon her second rude exit of the day, our heroine even more irritated with Midge's blatant disregard for anyone but herself utters aloud; "Stupid Girl".

We suspect that this muttering was louder than intended due to the headphones in her ears, because the woman at the sink gave her a rather dirty look and what happens next is confirmation of this as well.

Our heroine begins to exit the restroom and is impeded by Midge returning to her Airport Bathroom Kingdom. She says,
"Did you call me a stupid girl?"
Our heroine shrugs her off and keeps walking, saying nothing.

Midge runs off to her gate and our heroine is relieved that they are not on the same flight.