Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Flaxey Loves to Fly

I've flown a couple times in the last couple weeks and these flights were not eventful at all. You'll be bored reading this, but I know some are itching for new posts.

The highlights include the mean Starbucks girl in the Phoenix airport who couldn't understand the poor little old man who just wanted a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. She thought he said sugar-free. I jumped in because she was being mean and he had a hearing aid and didn't understand. She yelled at me for trying to help. The man was grateful to me.

There was the crazy unkempt man who sat next to me with his curly salt and pepper hair, rumpled clothes and crumpled up newspaper. He was the last one on the plane and stole the water of the guy in the window seat and then ordered a beer like he was at a bar.

And finally, on my flight back from Denver a friend was actually on the same plane; how often does that happen? We sat together and enjoyed the flight back chatting away and catching up. It was a pleasant way to end the weekend.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I Don't Understand MySpace

Everyone asks, "Are you on myspace?"
"No, I answer, I am right here, right now in front of you having a conversation."

Do we really need an internet page between us?
I already have five, maybe six e-mail addresses. Isn't that enough?
Can't you send your all-important communique to one of those?

Oh, yeah and this blog and three phone numbers.

Do I really need a page in cyberspace that describes my entire existence plus pictures of fuzzy, soft-focus kittens that represent my tender heart? Are words spoken from our mouths no longer valid?

Maybe I am too hung up on real live people and interacting with them. Maybe I should give that up for Lent this year. It would go well with my New Year's resolution to drink more; I can sit at home, pour myself a vodka (or six), affix myself in front of my excruciatingly, painfully slow computer and wait for the graphically intense pages to load and avoid all human contact whatsoever.

Yeah, 40 days of that and you should be avoiding me. Hell, I'd be avoiding me.

Seriously, people, are you really better off when Al Gore adds you as a friend? Are you going to meet IRL (in real life) someday over vegan lasagna to discuss inconvenient truths and his latest invention? I think not. And we haven't even covered the whole identity theft or stalking issue, and we don't have time. You'll have to ponder that yourself minus my acerbic wit.

So, no I don't understand myspace and I don't want to because I have enough technological ways of transmitting thoughts from my brain to yours.

Oh, yeah, and be sure to check out my page....

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Better Call Mr. Plow

Apparently, for the seventh week in a row Denver keeps getting hit with snow storms.

My sources there say they are tired of it and have provided the following from a trusted news outlet:

Another Weekend, Another Snow Storm

"The week ahead will keep our cold winter pattern alive and kicking. We
should have two surges of cold air drop through Colorado, giving Denver a
chance for snow Monday night into Tuesday and then again on Thursday.

"Then, get ready, Cold air originating in Siberia will blast into the
North Pole, then into central Canada this week. By the time we get to
Friday and Saturday that Polar Express will drop into the Northern Plains
and push our temperatures into the deep freeze once again. Highs next
weekend might not get out of the teens and we may have a few lows below

Meteorologist Dave Aguilera

My actual interest in snow can be measured by the fact that I moved far, far away from it. Although, I sympathize with this plight, my level of frustration really isn't going to register, especially since I am not traveling there again anytime soon. I do want everyone to stay safe on the roads though.

I really have no other profundities on this topic. So, I close with, don't let this happen to you: