Thursday, June 25, 2015

Just Keep Swimming

I love swimming. More than anything else I've ever done. More than singing. Yep, even more than singing. That's surprising even to me.

After last year with the knee and the stupid frakking blood clot, I didn't have confidence I'd get back to the speeds and lap counts I was used to (not that the speed was fast but it was something better than the craptacular sprints I clocked for the last 10 months). But since it was really the only exercise that wasn't painful and was fun at the same time, I kept going. It only took a full year but we are back in fighting form.

I only blab this to talk about the nice compliment I received after class tonight.

"How long have you been swimming"

"Five years with Donald"

"You're so good at it. You look so graceful. You make it look so easy"

Floored, I was. It's been a rough time in the water for me for all the reasons stated previously and I've been pretty discouraged so this little present from the universe was exactly what I needed after the meltdown I'd had this morning.

So thanks Universe, you always know how to help a gal keep pressing on.

I love swimming. More than anything.

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